Khuong Ngoc: Women and money

Khuong Ngoc: Women and money 1

Went to meet actor Khuong Ngoc for his leading role in the movie Tien Pagoda, but our conversation turned to another direction: women and money.

It’s hard to believe that in just a short time, he had to gain 10kg to play the role of Lucky Loc in the upcoming movie Tien Pagoda?

Exactly I gained 12kg in just one month and that is truly a miracle.

Was that the most difficult thing when you transformed into this character?

The most difficult thing is how to express Loc as a person: a guy with extensive life experience, whose way of working and maintaining love is sometimes unlike anyone else… I think life experience cannot just be recognized as

Even when I was on set, I still felt it was difficult to create such a Loc.

Khuong Ngoc: Women and money

Not only rich in life experience, Lucky Loc is a mysterious character.

I think we all have a little bit of eccentricity in our personalities.

In the movie, the story is quite interesting revolving around torn money.

This is quite difficult to think about, but I always think that in misfortune there is luck and vice versa.

But the immediate Gains and Losses and each person’s behavior are a measure.

Based on behavior at a certain time, judging a person is sometimes not necessarily accurate.

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