`Decoding` Kim Jong-un’s handwriting when meeting the President of South Korea

`Decoding` Kim Jong-un's handwriting when meeting the President of South Korea 0

(Dan Tri) – As the first North Korean leader to set foot in South Korean territory after 65 years, Mr. Kim Jong-un’s every action attracts media attention and his handwriting also reveals his handwriting.

Kim Yo-jong’s sister helps Kim Jong-un prepare a pen before signing the guestbook at the Peace House.

After an intimate conversation with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and a walk to the summit venue, leader Kim Jong-un signed and wrote a message on a guestbook located at the Peace House in Seoul.

“A new page of history begins from the present.

According to Straitstimes, Kim Jong-un’s handwriting is quite slanted and facing up.

“The entire writing is slightly tilted and points up, towards the right.

“Viewers can also see how the three lines of text are slanted to the right.

According to expert Lee, the lack of uniformity in the words written upward in the second line also reveals Kim Jong-un’s excitement and joy when writing this message.

`Decoding` Kim Jong-un's handwriting when meeting the President of South Korea

Message from Mr. Kim Jong-un at the guestbook at the Peace House (Photo: Korea Herald)

Ku Bon Jin, a lawyer who has published a book on handwriting analysis, said that leader Kim Jong-un’s writing style is similar to the writing style of his father and grandfather – the two late leaders Kim Jong-il.

“I think Kim Jong-un has long practiced writing like his father and grandfather.

“The way Mr. Kim Jong-un wrote the message quickly shows that he is a quick-witted person and likes to help others.

Some experts say that Kim Jong-un’s somewhat stiff writing style shows that he is a person willing to face challenges.

In North Korea, the handwriting of leaders is often depicted in different styles.



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