President Putin `touches` reality TV

President Putin `touches` reality TV 0

(Dan Tri) – The first episode of a new TV show with special footage of President Vladimir Putin’s activities in a week was broadcast on the evening of September 3.

President Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on vacation in Siberia in August (Photo: Sky)

According to the Guardian, a TV show called “Moscow.

Program “Moscow.

The first broadcast episode of “Moscow.

“When Mr. Putin talks to a mother or looks at a child, it is clear how much he loves children.

In footage of President Putin’s recent vacation in Tuva, a remote region in Siberia, the Kremlin spokesman said: `This is a wild place and there are bears here.`

President Putin `touches` reality TV

Mr. Putin went mushroom picking in Siberia (Photo: Sky)

In the first broadcast, the host said President Putin traveled more than 8,000 km across Russia to carry out work last week.

The main theme in the first broadcast of “Moscow.

The broadcast of a new television program about President Putin is said to bring his image closer to the Russian people.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “Moscow.



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