20 years of Putin: Marks and legacy

20 years of Putin: Marks and legacy 0

In 20 years of power, what mark has Mr. Putin left on domestic and foreign affairs?

Mr. Putin’s domestic policy measures demonstrate his style of governing the country with a strong hand and steadfast purpose.

The past two decades have been a period of no peace in all aspects for Russia and for Mr. Putin as president of Russia.

Be strong in domestic affairs

Russia under Mr. Putin’s rule has become completely different than under his predecessor.

Boris Yeltsin could not do it, but Vladimir Putin succeeded by conducting three major reforms: tax reform, land privatization and enterprise reform.

Mr. Putin’s domestic policy measures demonstrate a strong style of ruling the country and are steadfast in purpose, so they are often criticized by the West, especially in aspects such as democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech.

Factors cannot be ignored

After 20 years, Mr. Putin has not yet led Russia back to the position and position that the Soviet Union once had in terms of economics and science and technology in the world, but thanks to the strategic and decisive decisions of the Soviet Union.

Mr. Putin has turned the situation around for Russia and changed both the correlation of forces as well as the strategic situation at the regional, continental and world levels in these aspects.

Russia’s reception of Crimea and the relationship between Russia and UKraine have forced Europe to redraw the geographical and political map in Europe, making everything the US, NATO and EU do in Europe have to pay attention to Russia.

In Syria, Russia’s intervention has turned the Syrian issue in a different direction and brought about a different outcome, with a strong impact on the entire region.

The current picture that is most often portrayed about the relationship between Russia and the West is that of a new type of cold war, of mutual hostility and suspicion, of confrontation, not of cooperation.

Putin’s imprint

Mr. Putin’s impression with 20 years of direct and indirect power in Russia is deep in that Mr. Putin not only determined the direction and pointed out the path that can lead Russia back to strength and position.

Currently, no one inside or outside Russia is sure how Mr. Putin will decide his political future after the end of his current term in power in 2024. All scenarios cannot be ruled out.

What can be certain is that it will not be easy for the successor to build the mark of power that Mr. Putin has built and to inherit and continue Mr. Putin’s ruling legacy.

In this world, as always, historical figures, after leaving the present to become the historical past, often cast a broad and deep shadow on the present and the future of countries, regions, continents and

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