10 outstanding characteristics of creators

10 outstanding characteristics of creators 6

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said: `Of all human activities, creativity is the one that easily brings the satisfaction we hope to have in life.`

1. High ability to concentrate

Creative people have a lot of energy, both physical and mental.

2. smart, but also naive

Creative people are often intelligent, but 2013 research showed that high IQ does not necessarily correlate with levels of creativity.

Innocence and dreaminess combined with intelligence are the characteristics of a creative person.

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3. have a spirit of discipline

Constantly having a happy, excited attitude is one of the characteristics of a creative person, but this excitement must always be accompanied by perseverance.

Many people think that jobs like poets, musicians, singers… only require romance, dreams and random ideas.

4. Dreamy, but still realistic

Creative people often dream and can immerse themselves for hours in the world of imagination, but that doesn’t mean they always live with a `hanging upside down` soul.

5. Both extrovert and introvert

Although we are often classified as either extroverts or introverts, being creative requires a mix of both personality types.

10 outstanding characteristics of creators

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6. Often proud, but still humble

Creative people tend to be proud of their achievements, but are also aware of their position.

7. not be burdened by rigid gender roles

Creative individuals often resist, to some extent, the stereotypes and rigid gender roles that society still tries to enforce.

8. Thinking is both traditional and modern

By definition, creative people tend to think outside the box, and we might even think of them as rebellious.

New ideas must be born on the foundation of a combination of tradition and modernity.

10 outstanding characteristics of creators

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9. have an objective view

Creative people often love and are passionate about what they do.

Imagine a writer who loves his writing so much that he doesn’t want to edit a single sentence, or a musician who doesn’t care how his song will be performed on stage… the art of making

10. Don’t be afraid to take risks when coming up with creative ideas

Creative people tend to be open and sensitive, so they dare to come up with ideas that can bring both rewards and pain.

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