Pham Hoang Nam: Between me and ELLE Fashion Show is loyalty

Pham Hoang Nam: Between me and ELLE Fashion Show is loyalty 1

The third season of ELLE Fashion Show is coming again, that’s also the time when people see that director Pham Hoang Nam is always busy with all kinds of work that he wants to do himself, and this interview can only be done in a flash.

It is known that you have accompanied the ELLE Fashion Show from the first season in 2011 until now, what has kept an artistic person like you sticking with one show for 3 years?

For me, making art also requires loyalty.

ELLE Fashion Show has quite different criteria: not using tricks on stage, not using the model’s name to attract customers. Does that make you feel more constrained and less interested?

I think just the fact that I was invited to be the photo director of ELLE Fashion Show also shows part of the criteria and orientation of the show, because in 20 years of working, I am not good at tricks.

The audience that goes to see fashion is very different now. ELLE Fashion Show’s guests are also purely fashion lovers and come for fashion, so surely if we do something other than fashion they will feel

Even though you don’t use tricks, will you do something to make the show still appealing, attractive and not too dry?

If we have to use the word `trick` here, then that trick is to create aesthetics and evoke emotions.

Pham Hoang Nam: Between me and ELLE Fashion Show is loyalty

Surely the audience will witness more special and new ideas in this ELLE Fashion Show?

Of course, there are many new ideas that will be implemented in this ELLE Fashion Show.

Perhaps during the 3 years accompanying ELLE Fashion Show, you have kept many beautiful memories?

It’s true that we had a lot of memories together, but what impressed me the most was ELLE’s team.

As someone who has followed ELLE Fashion Show since the first season, is there anything you want to contribute to make the show better?

I just want to contribute one short and unique thing: Keep it like that, never change.

Pham Hoang Nam: Between me and ELLE Fashion Show is loyalty

How do you evaluate the influence of ELLE Fashion Show over the seasons?

It must be said that ELLE Fashion Show not only creates a beautiful playground for designers but also creates a quality showroom for audiences to see.

What do you want to say to wish the upcoming ELLE Fashion Show?

I hope the implementation team will always be as passionate, creative and attached to each other as they are now.

Thank you for sharing with ELLE.

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