Stunningly beautiful living rooms of Hollywood stars

Stunningly beautiful living rooms of Hollywood stars 0

Madonna, Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have revealed pictures inside their homes in magazines, making not only their fans but also ordinary people admire and praise their aesthetic taste.

There is one thing in common between the five people in the way they decorate and decorate their homes, which are breathtakingly beautiful living rooms with modern furniture and airy spaces filled with light.

Ellen DeGeneres

In 2014, Ellen DeGeneres decided to buy back the house she sold in 2007. While living with Portia de Rossi, both of them decided to move house countless times for many reasons, but perhaps this house


The Queen of Pop used to own a house in Beverly Hills, not long ago, she sold it for $19.5 million.

Jennifer Lopez

At the end of last year, Jennifer Lopez spent $22 million to move into Nomad’s Whitman Building to be neighbors with billionaires and famous figures in the world such as Chelsea Clinton, NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon.

Lady Gaga

Calling herself a `little monster`, she always appears with a strange fashion sense, but Lady Gaga’s house breathes the elegance and luxury of a noble European woman.

Miley Cyrus

The young singer, who is as eccentric as Lady Gaga, bought a house worth $3.9 million for herself in 2011. The villa Miley Cyrus owns has an area of 480 square meters with 5 bedrooms.

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