The secret to choosing jewelry accessories

The secret to choosing jewelry accessories 0

Accessories are completely free, you can follow changes in trends and still create your own style, they help make your outfit less monotonous.

One of the mistakes women often make is using complete accessories.

Jewelry accessories can contribute to creating an impressive look but can also disrupt your overall outfit.


When wearing black, white or neutral outfits, you can easily choose and coordinate with any accessories of your favorite color.

Going back a bit to the color wheel.

If you want to make a fashion statement, choose contrasting colors, combine bold and adventurous colors, and experiment constantly to choose the most unique combination.

The secret to choosing jewelry accessories


The number and proportion of fashion accessories is also very important.

The secret to choosing jewelry accessories


Fashion accessories can define your style.

Classic accessories: pearl or diamond earrings, silk scarf, leather clutch and classic black pumps.

– Glamorous accessories: chandelier earrings, statement necklaces, rings with large stones, crystal clutches, oversized sunglasses and high heels.

– Playful accessories: chunky jewelry, hobo bags, bandanas, thin belts and colorful doll shoes.

– Personality accessories: Big bracelets, choker necklaces, riveted bags and black leather boots.

– Office accessories: Thin necklace, classic watch, leather briefcase or shoulder bag, kitten heels

– Everyday accessories: candy-colored watch or bracelet, Wayfarer sunglasses, crossbody bag (mini cross-body bag), floppy hat, high-heeled boots or wedge sandals.

The secret to choosing jewelry accessories

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