Why do women beautify?

Why do women beautify? 0

Archaeological and historical research shows that since ancient times, women have known how to become more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex through clothing, jewelry, style, appearance, and gait.

I feel so ugly

A man will be upset and even angry if he is called stupid, and a woman will seethe when she discovers a new wrinkle in the corner of her eye or a sudden pimple.

One thing in common is that all women self-scrutinize and suffer with their own flaws without paying much attention to the feelings of the other person.

The mentality of aggravating the problem makes women always feel sad about their appearance, leading to low self-esteem and they are determined to make themselves more beautiful.

Don’t forget, defects can be real but can also be just a product of the imagination or the habit of exacerbating the problem.

Why do women beautify?

Which woman doesn’t want to be beautiful, especially in the eyes of her lover?

He will notice if I am beautiful

One of the biggest motivations for women to be beautiful is to attract men.

Most men prefer a healthy, vibrant woman to a pale, skinny girl.

One thing you should keep in mind is that what men like in other women is not necessarily what they like in their partner.

Therefore, when you want to be more beautiful for your husband, lover or for a secret object, remember to consult their taste and opinion carefully before `making a move`.

Why do women beautify?

Anne Hathaway is a model of beauty for many modern women.

Beautiful for success

No one denies that appearance is an important factor for career success.

From a work perspective, appearance only creates the first impression, the beauty of professionalism is truly lasting in the eyes of partners, colleagues and superiors.

Therefore, you should create for yourself a calm, elegant style, dress appropriately and, most importantly, always hone your expertise.

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