10 shoe styles that never disappoint women

10 shoe styles that never disappoint women 3

The secret of the most stylish fashionistas in the world is not to follow trends but to invest in staple fashion items that suit their personal aesthetic and are easy to combine for any occasion.

1. Sports shoes

Putting on a pair of sneakers doesn’t mean you have to run to the gym.

Adidas superstar is Gigi Hadid’s favorite shoe.

10 shoe styles that never disappoint women

Fashion world

Designer Kye – the `wild child` of Seoul Fashion Week

2. Platform high heels

There will be busy days when you will be juggling important business meetings, running around the city doing nameless work and what you need is a pair of shoes that are comfortable but must match your outfit.

10 shoe styles that never disappoint women

Open-toed high heels create ventilation for your feet and won’t make you lose confidence because of your wobbly steps on stiletto heels.

3. Classic black boots

No matter the weather, black boots are a great item to complete your outfit.

10 shoe styles that never disappoint women

Kendall Jenner is charming in black boots.

4. Sandals

Sandals are always loved by women because of their comfortable design and many designs and colors to choose from.

10 shoe styles that never disappoint women

Candy Leather Sandals by Saint Laurent worth $895.

5. Statement heels were ahead of their time

A basic shoe that goes with everything is sometimes not what you want.

10 shoe styles that never disappoint women

Statement heels always attract all eyes.

6. Pump Shoes

Appearing in the 18th century in France and still popular today, the pump has proven its timelessness.

Pump shoes are a symbol of elegance and charm.

7. Doll shoes

There will be two types of people in the world: those who think that doll shoes are only for teenagers and those who are passionate about the sweet French sophistication of shoes.

Doll shoes are a close friend of `tall` girl Taylor Swift.

8. Strap Shoes

Before every all-night party, you are faced with two choices: fashion or comfort, and the answer to this decision will be Strap.

Casadei Strap Shoes by Jessica Alba.

9. Flat shoes

If you are an office worker but don’t like high heels, this will be your good friend.

A pair of flat-soled shoes will keep you comfortable all day.

10. Brightly colored shoes

The criterion for choosing a pair of shoes is not that they can be combined with every other item.

An outstanding pair of shoes will help you feel more confident.

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