9 K-pop songs that convey the message of loving yourself

9 K-pop songs that convey the message of loving yourself 23

In recent days, surely each of us has felt insecure and worried about the unpredictable developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and its many consequences.

Dear Me – Taeyeon

With the perfect combination of Taeyeon’s emotional voice and gentle guitar sound, Dear Me is a gentle ballad song, containing a message that is both warm and close, which is to trust and love.

“When I brought freedom through this place

It feels like humming a song

I want to imbibe the lyrics myself

That I love myself

That I trust myself

Words that no one told me.`

No – CLC

The song No is a harmonious combination of synth bass melody and extremely attractive bass line.

“I like myself

It’s the lipstick that suits me best

I like myself

Stride confidently like me

Is this what you want?

I Am Me – GOT7

Released in September 2018, GOT7’s I Am Me is a cheerful song that received warm support from fans.

“Who am I, I don’t know anymore

But I don’t care what people think about me

I just know that I am who I am

I’m myself`.

Selfish – Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) ft.

Photo: K-Gen

As a groundbreaking combination between two beautiful female singers Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) and Seulgi (Red Velvet), the song Selfish is a quality and meticulous music product.

In the song Selfish, `selfish` means knowing how to appreciate and love yourself, daring to live and experience the things you always desire.

“Always pursuing an image makes me feel pressured

So this time I will do everything to my liking

There’s no need to complicate matters

Sometimes we should happily enjoy being ourselves…

I want to be a selfish person

Don’t misunderstand, being selfish is not a bad thing

I just want to live as myself

Know how to love yourself more.`

My Pace – Stray Kids

Founded in 2017 by JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids is a promising group consisting of 9 members: Kim Seungmin, Seo Changbin, Lee Know, Hyunjin, Bang Chan, Kim Woojin, Felix, Han and I.N.

“How meaningless those comparisons are

So stop, stop right now

Just walk slowly and leisurely

Just be brave and follow the path you choose

Throw away all doubts

Run quickly forward.”


Hip is a vibrant song with attractive choreography.

“No matter where you go

You always shine brightly

Because you are the only one in the world.”

Enough – SF9

As a song of the popular dance music genre in the land of kimchi, Enough is a unique combination of EDM, trap and reggae genres with quiet bass sounds.

“Don’t try to be more beautiful than that

Because no matter where you go, you are still the most outstanding person.`

Palette – IU ft.

With elegant pastel colors, strange melodies and the voice of K-pop king G-Dragon, IU’s MV Palette will make your heart vibrate with the same emotions.

“I liked them all when I turned 25

I know everyone loves me

I understand, I’m really fine

Now I understand a little more about myself.`

Epiphany – Jin (BTS)

In English, “epiphany” means a deep understanding in the moment when you realize what is most important to yourself.

“In this world, I only love myself

A person who always shines with a precious soul

After all, now, I love myself immensely

Someone who is not so perfect or extremely beautiful

I am just myself, the person I love endlessly.`

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