[Good book introduction] First person singular

[Good book introduction] First person singular 4


2023 can be said to be a busy year for Murakami.

If Men Without Women has a fanciful color when combining the memories of many different characters, the 8 short stories in First Person Singular are more realistic, somewhat autobiographical or

In general, the short stories in this volume are independent and concise, with little connection between details like his major novels.

Cultural world

3 outstanding novels of French literature written about fathers

[Good book introduction] First person singular


The literary scene in the past year has witnessed a shift towards works with fragmentary structures, heavily autobiographical but generalizing common issues.

Like the voice of the narrator in a Noh play, Murakami grasps true episodes in his life, thereby leading the reader into a layered maze, with the persistence of personal memories and a pattern.

The most impressive ones are On a Stone Pillow or Confession of the Shinagawa Monkey – more or less familiar fantasy short stories in Murakami’s writing.

With a work that `feels like reality and unreality momentarily change places`, the Japanese writer has opened a completely new door.

[Good book introduction] First person singular

First Person Singular


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