Interesting things about Nicole Kidman

Interesting things about Nicole Kidman 5

1. Afraid of butterflies

Many people may see butterflies as the embodiment of beauty.

2. Ability to act without a stuntman

Unlike many other famous actors, Nicole Kidman always performs her own action scenes in her movies.

3. The savior fake nose

During a difficult time in her marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman starred in the movie The Hours for which she later received an Oscar for Best Actress.

4. Ambassador of UNIFEM

Interesting things about Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is UNIFEM’s ambassador in campaigns for equal rights for women and children in third world countries. With assets estimated at $304 million, she decided to donate all the money.

5. Nicole Kidman once dropped out of school

In 1984, Nicole was a student at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne.

After becoming famous, Nicole Kidman decided to join organizations and raise money to raise awareness and fight this disease.

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