[ELLE Voice] Don’t pursue your passion, develop it

[ELLE Voice] Don't pursue your passion, develop it 1

According to Merriam Webster, “passion” refers to a feeling of strong desire and deep interest in an object or activity.

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Obviously, `passion` is an important thing in every person’s life, so it seems that everyone has wondered at least once: `What is my passion?`, `How can I find it?`

Paul O’Keefe, assistant professor of psychology at Yale-NUS College, teamed up with Carol Dweck and Greg Walton, two psychology professors at Stanford University, to conduct a study that suggests it may have come

[ELLE Voice] Don't pursue your passion, develop it

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The authors conducted a series of studies with college students – a demographic often advised to find their passion in the form of a major or career path.

[ELLE Voice] Don't pursue your passion, develop it

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Another study published in Sage Journal also showed two opposing views on how to achieve passion at work.

The above studies are just opening up a new perspective on the relationship between passion and career path.

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