Choose spring perfume

Choose spring perfume 1

London during Tet is as cold as Hanoi on the coldest days, maybe there is snow, maybe not.

Tocca Liliana Eau de Parfum is like soaking in the love of the 20s sparkling flapper dresses or Jo Malone Osmanthus Blossom in London are both delicate, fresh scents.

On the first day of the North, it was drizzling, with just enough shade to cast a cold chill on the incense of silence.

The sweet and dry cold together with the white light of winter have the ability to stretch the softest  and most condensed bands of emotions;

Puredistance I carries the desolation of white, the cleanliness of the cold, the peace of the season and somehow,  sneaks in the warmth of hope.

Choose spring perfume

L’Artisan Safran Troublant has the warmth of Tet with ginger, wood, and smoothness with roses;

The South boasts a generous Tet;

Celebrating Tet in Saigon, I will definitely put on a scent of white flowers.

Modern Saigon girls carrying baskets to go to cafes on Tet can go minimalist with Nu Be’s Oxygen – very simple but extremely sexy.

Tet and spring, each has its own look.

ELLE’s fresh and hopeful spring perfume exclusively for girls:

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