Beauty secrets from oils

Beauty secrets from oils 3

Keyworld beauty 2015 is the oil as all major brands launch new related products.

To put it simply, oils used in beauty include base oils (also known as carrier oils) and pure essential oils.

Pure essential oils are condensed from the effective components of plants so they cannot be applied directly to the skin, and often have a fragrant scent.

The fastest way to get a glossy foundation is to mix foundation with a drop of facial oil.

Makeup remover oil

Makeup remover oil is an indispensable beauty secret in the skin care `ritual` of Korean and Japanese people.

There are many people who use pure vegetable oils like coconut oil or olive oil, but in reality, not all skin groups use the same oil to remove makeup.

Beauty secrets from oils

1. Future Solution LX Shieido multi-functional essential oil 2. Oils of life facial oil The Body Shop 3. L’Occitane massage oil 4. L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil hair conditioner 5. Clean it Silky makeup remover oil

Skin care oil

If she could only choose one skin care product, ELLE would definitely choose facial oil.

Nourishing oil helps restore the skin’s protective barrier, increase elasticity, fade signs of aging and make skin noticeably healthier.

If you have oily/acne-prone skin, you can find products containing carrier oils such as grapeseed oil or passion fruit oil.

Beauty secrets from oils

The secret to nourishing your body with oil without fear of being greasy?

Massage oil for the body

Imagine after a long tiring day, if you could lie down and be massaged with a naturally fragrant anointing oil, your spirit would surely be revived.

In addition, pregnant women who want to limit stretch marks should also apply oils such as coconut oil or olive oil early.

Hair conditioner

When it comes to hair care with oil, almost everyone will think of coconut oil and argan oil.

Beauty secrets from oils

Wet hair has always been a trend on the catwalk in recent years.

Nail care oil

For girls who cannot live without sparkling, outstanding nail polish colors, diligently nurturing their nails with almond oil is an extremely necessary beauty secret.

Sparkling, shiny oil drops containing the most quintessential of natural plants are a wonderful gift to women’s beauty.

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