James Franco – A handsome, educated guy

James Franco – A handsome, educated guy 0

Nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor this year, James also became the host of the show alongside the beautiful princess Anne Hathaway.

James Edward Franco was born on April 19, 1978 in Palo Alto, California.

He confided that during his high school years, painting was a way to relieve stress after stressful studying hours.

James Franco’s film career progressed slowly but steadily.

The year 2001 marked an important milestone in James Franco’s acting career when he took on the role of James Dean in the film of the same name about the biography of the ill-fated actor, and this role brought him an award.

Since then, James Franco began to step deeper into his film career.

Meanwhile, the movie Spider Man really brought fame to James, and the role of Harry Osborne, Spider-Man’s best friend but also his rival and enemy, was the most complex role in his acting career.

In 2008, James participated in the low-budget film Milk.

Immediately after that, James continued to appear alongside another big Hollywood name, Julia Roberts, in the film Eat Pray Love, and received a small role in the comedy Date Night before officially shining with the role of Aron Ralston in

James Franco – A handsome, educated guy

The movie 127 Hours is the story of climber Aron Ralston’s horrifying experiences when he had an accident in Blue Canyon, Utah, in late April 2003, and he had to fight with himself for 5 days to recover.

James Franco – A handsome, educated guy

Busy with acting, James still doesn’t forget to put education first.

James has proven to everyone that being a dashing Hollywood actor with dozens of girls surrounding him and a glamorous life doesn’t mean his mind is always empty.

Although at this year’s Oscars, James Franco has not yet conquered the jury to touch the prestigious golden statue, but with what he has achieved at the age of 32, the Oscar golden statue is not too much.

James Franco – A handsome, educated guy


James Franco dropped out of school after his first year at the University of California, Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

– In addition to being an actor and painter, James Franco also proved his talent in the fields of literature and film directing.

– James Franco was voted man of the year 2010 by US GQ magazine.

– He was also voted by Premiere magazine into the top 40 most handsome men in Hollywood in 2009.

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