Personal makeup set, do you have enough?

Personal makeup set, do you have enough? 0

Personal makeup set

Regardless of skin care steps, the first thing you need is a layer of primer. You can use sunscreen instead. This layer of primer helps your skin become more even and brighter. It also helps the foundation layer that follows.

Next, we need foundation, you can use liquid foundation, or compressed form, stick form… but for everyday makeup, liquid form is still easier to use.

Personal makeup set, do you have enough?

Foundation is an indispensable product in a woman’s basic makeup kit

If your skin has too many imperfections such as dark spots, acne, melasma… you should add a concealer.

In daily makeup, you can omit pressed powder and only use powder to cover the entire face after applying foundation.

Personal makeup set, do you have enough?

Powder coating helps create a natural, dry finish for the skin

Then you can apply makeup to your eyes.

Personal makeup set, do you have enough?

Eyeshadow kit in your personal makeup kit

A box of blush with pink, orange-brown or light pink tones will make your face more radiant but not too prominent. It is very useful in cases where quick makeup is needed. Just apply a little blush and you will look beautiful.

You should have at least two different lipstick colors in your purse, one light color like rose pink, strawberry pink, light orange to wear when going to the office and one dark color like lotus pink, dark orange and red to go to parties.

Personal makeup set, do you have enough?

Always have at least 2 dark and light lipstick colors available to change for many different occasions

That’s all you need for your personal makeup kit. It may seem like a long story, but if you get used to it, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes in the morning to do your makeup.

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