Are sneakers gradually `usurping` high heels?

Are sneakers gradually `usurping` high heels? 1

More and more girls are opting for athleisure and comfortable outfits, and high heel sales are being impacted by this trend.

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Clearance platform ThredUp recently released data showing that over the past three months, “heel removal” moves have increased 38%, while sneaker sales have increased 46%.

According to NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service, sales of high heels fell 11% in the US in 2017, while sales of women’s sneakers increased 37%.

There are many reasons why sneakers are becoming a new symbol, a sought-after item by fashionistas.

Are sneakers gradually `usurping` high heels?

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Not only ordinary consumers, there is no shortage of stars who are also increasingly tired of having to wear uncomfortable high heels.

Serena William proudly admitted that she wore a pair of sneakers to the royal wedding afterparty.

Little known fact: I often wear sneakers under my evening gown.

A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on May 20, 2018 at 6:13am PDT

Women have also given up high heels as an act of protest against injustices against them.

Are sneakers gradually `usurping` high heels?

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Some speculate that the decline in high heel sales may also be related to the #MeToo movement and reports of sexual harassment.

Are sneakers gradually `usurping` high heels?

Elegant and beautiful high heels are in great competition with sports shoes.

Other opinions also say that shoes with flat soles, typically sports shoes, will give women the ability to escape dangerous situations.

Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University shared her agreement with this opinion in the New York Times in December. She said that today there are many unfortunate cases where the convenience of sports shoes is needed.

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