Shiny brown skin: new fashion for girls

Shiny brown skin: new fashion for girls 2

The brown skin trend exploded

For girls who love pure beauty, white skin will definitely be the perfect choice.

Model Minh Tu is one of the leading models in the current sexy brown skin trend

How to own the most fashionable skin color today?

To get the most fashionable skin colors today, you must really understand them and be a little persistent to avoid harming your skin.

1. Before sunbathing To have healthy and evenly tanned skin, the most important thing is to always remember to exfoliate your skin regularly and fully moisturize your skin.

Shiny brown skin: new fashion for girls

Exfoliation is a mandatory step before sun exposure to help the skin absorb the sun more easily and become more evenly colored

2.While sunbathing

Many girls mistakenly think that to have brown skin, they do not need to use sunscreen.

You should apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours to ensure your skin is best protected.

Shiny brown skin: new fashion for girls

When sunbathing, you should pay attention to sun exposure time and allocate exposure time to each part of the body appropriately to help your skin tone evenly.

The best time to sunbathe is before 11 am.

Shiny brown skin: new fashion for girls

When sunbathing, your skin will be more dehydrated than usual, so you must remember to provide enough water for your body every day to keep your skin moist and shiny.

When sunbathing, if you notice a burning sensation on your skin, you should stop exposure immediately and apply cold aloe vera gel to that area to soothe the skin.

Shiny brown skin: new fashion for girls

Products with aloe vera extract have the ability to soothe sunburned skin very well

3. After sunbathing After completing your sunbathing time, you should not bathe immediately but let your skin rest in the shade for about 30 minutes to soothe the skin.

Shiny brown skin: new fashion for girls

For facial skin, you should not use sunbathing oil because the sweat secreted can fall into the eyes and cause allergies that are not good for the eyes.

If you sunbathe properly, you will have perfect brown skin without any problems.

Brown skin should go with a toned body

Brown skin will be extremely perfect when paired with a toned and attractive figure.

Brown skin will be more attractive than ever when combined with a toned and healthy body

Although brown skin has not really overtaken white skin – a skin color that is already very popular with Asian women, it cannot be denied that more and more girls are interested in and want to have strong skin.

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