The 4 most popular makeup styles over 4 decades

The 4 most popular makeup styles over 4 decades 0

The 4 most popular makeup styles over 4 decades

1960s: Louis Vuitton

Recipe: (Beehive puffy hair + headband) + thick mascara – lipstick.

Beehive hair literally means `beehive`, this bun hairstyle with a white headband is the clearest image of the beauties of the 1960s.

– Shady eyelashes: Do you love eyelashes that move people’s hearts?

– Only highlight the eyes, don’t combine them with beehive hair as it will create a heavy feeling, make your hair `intentionally messy` by spraying glue and teasing like in show 3.1 Phillip Lim.

– Pink lips: The secret here is to use a neutral lip pencil and highlight a light smoky eye with the color of old cigarette stains.

1970s: Moschino Cheap and Chic

Formula: (Long hair + Curls) + Blue eyeliner + Blush New curls

At the Moschino Cheap and Chic and Viktor & Rolf shows, wavy curls dominated the catwalk.

– Blue eyes like the sea: In both the Moschino Cheap and Chic and Stella McCartney shows, the models’ eyes were highlighted in blue with different shades on the lower eyelids.

– Blush cheeks: To go to the office, when you have blushed on your cheeks, don’t curl your hair or apply navy blue eyes.

1980s: Jean Paul Gaultier

Formula: Classic red lips + Colored eyes + (Contouring – Blending color)

– Red lips, redder: Not just simply wearing red lipstick, at the Missoni show, famous make-up expert Lucia Pieroni added neon colored powder on top of red lipstick to create impressive fire-colored lips.

– Bright eyes: Do you want colored eyes but without looking like a clown?

– New style contouring: In the 80s, bronzer was used as much as lipstick.

– Falling hair: Check out the hairstyles from the Ashish show, easy and adorable.

1990s: Rag & Bone

Formula: Backcombed hair with 2 different blow-drying styles + Coffee-colored lips + Thick eyebrows.

– Backcombed hair: Use glue and a comb to comb all the hair back to reveal the face, just like how men comb their hair.

– Genderless eyebrows: Supermodels of the 90s had excellent eyebrow structures: thick, bushy, horizontal.

– Coffee with milk lips: To have lips exactly like those in Rag & Bone’s show, use Revlon’s Colorstay Lip Liner in nude tone.

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