Summer body care for men

Summer body care for men 4

1. Body hygiene

Men often choose soap bars for body care and body cleaning.

Men are often afraid of the scent or color of shower gel, so choose colorless or milky shower gel.

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1.The Body Shop shower gel 2.Baxter Of California shower gel

2. Exfoliate

Men’s skin epidermis is thicker than women’s, and men’s skin also tends to be more oily due to the negative effects of cigarettes, alcohol and work pressure.

Choosing a suitable cream or oil exfoliating mixture, sea salt particles or plant fiber will gently wash away the old epidermal layers, causing the skin to be regenerated.

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Summer body care for men

1. The Body Shop olive scrub 2. Kiehl’s coriander scrub

3. Moisturize the body

Most men don’t bother using body moisturizer.

Using moisturizer early will partly prevent skin aging, avoid chronic dry skin and skin pigmentation disorders when you get older.

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4. Sunscreen

More than 90% of men never apply sunscreen on the street, or even when going to the beach or doing outdoor activities.

Even if you want to sunbathe to get beautiful brown skin, the tanning solution you are using must have at least SPF 15 and contain appropriate skin care ingredients, to avoid any damage.

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Summer body care for men

5. Deodorize body odor

When the outside temperature is higher than your body temperature, you will sweat to `cool` your body.

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Summer body care for men

Nivea men’s deodorant

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