Will scent bring luck?

Will scent bring luck? 2

Pessimists believe that luck comes from… luck.

The scent artist’s worldview is no different from ours, it is the real world where all things and plants thrive in abundance.

Happiness is often genuine, luck is often simple.

guerlain’s muguet

Guerlain is probably the oldest perfume house with an eternal love for the lily of the valley.

Muguet is a Guerlain scent with a very long history, recorded as having been born since the late 19th century.

Will scent bring luck?

Guerlain’s Lucky Fragrance is light, cool, sweet, clear green, and fresh.

Diorissimo by Dior

Christian Dior is the fashion house who loves and understands the lily of the valley the most.

In 1956, Dior released the fragrant creation Diorissimo.

Will scent bring luck?

Dior’s Diorissimo opens with endless fragrant orchid inspiration.

Lily of the valley by garden of the muse

Love for lilies is not limited to France.

Will scent bring luck?

For Nicky Khanh Ngoc, luck is the atmosphere of a fresh morning, a small gurgling stream, the scent of grass, and the scent of quiet wood.

Les clochettes du bonheur by roja dove

The lily of the valley is a simple and pure flower but is extremely loved by the British Royal Family.

If Guerlain’s Muguet is France’s luxurious joy, Roja Dove’s Les Clochettes Du Bonheur is England’s precious source of happiness.

I am very impressed with the way Roja Dove describes the scent of Ringing Bells of Happiness to scent lovers.

and other fragrances…

Without the fancy colors of flowers and leaves, the lily of the valley is a true and abundant source of inspiration for happiness for countless fragrant names.

And, are you ready to smell happiness, to give and receive luck?

Will scent bring luck?
Will scent bring luck?

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