What makes a French perfume brand?

What makes a French perfume brand? 1

What makes French perfume have such a strong influence on global consumer consciousness?

Women love perfume

France – the cradle of the perfume industry

Not everyone knows the history of this enchanting divine aroma.

The perfume refining and flower growing industry in France originated from a very practical desire – to deodorize the body of leather industry workers at that time, because they often had to work in environments with unpleasant odors.

Expensive ingredients inside a bottle of French perfume

To have such widespread influence and current position, French perfume must of course be made from the highest quality ingredients, and above all, French perfume uses natural ingredients as the core.

Fragrance artisans and farmers with handicrafts from generation to generation

In Provence, a region of southeastern France, many farming families here have gone through generations of diligent perfume production.

Today, the perfume market has been diluted with products with quickly fading fragrances made from chemicals instead of natural floral ingredients.

Human factors, ingredients and history have helped French perfume always stand at the top position in the perfume industry.

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