The glaze of the blue sky

The glaze of the blue sky 2

Archaeologists have found evidence of the first blue paint on pottery from 2000 BC in Mesopotamia, although mainly in the form of ink.

However, it was not until the 14th century that blue and white ceramics were perfected.

1.Hand-painted teapot made in Bat Trang 2.Iranian ceramic plate, 13th century 3.Ceramic container, Persia 4.Florence ceramic vase (France), 15th century

The most famous blue and white glazed ceramic products must be the ceramics of the Yuan and Ming dynasties in China.

This is also the earliest type of yeast used in Bat Trang, Vietnam.

The glaze of the blue sky

The blue and white color of the ceramic brings a cool feeling to the room.

The glaze of the blue sky

Beyond the realm of ceramics, blue glaze is used on many other interior products.

The special thing is that despite having such a long history of development, the blue and white enamel color has never gone out of fashion.

No matter what shade of blue, the blue and white color of ceramics always reminds us of the blue sky, the sea, and the color of distant mountains in the afternoon light.

The interesting point about blue glazed ceramics is that thanks to their neutral color and variety of shades, they can be combined with many interior styles, whether classic or modern.

The glaze of the blue sky

Both color and ceramic designs appear on pillows and sofas.

The glaze of the blue sky

Blue and white ceramics become the main colors at JK Place Hotel (Capri)

And of course, blue and white ceramic art has come into fashion.

That contributes to affirming the unlimited application possibilities and high aesthetics of ceramic blue.

The glaze of the blue sky

1.A design inspired by blue and white ceramic by Roberto Cavalli 2.A lace dress by Valentino

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