The `heroes` behind nature documentaries

The `heroes` behind nature documentaries 3

Contrary to society’s prejudices, many of the people behind those videos are women.

Bravery is everywhere

Sophie Darlington, the cinematographer who contributed to the success of the Our Planet series, writes humorously, but also completely seriously, on her website: “If you can handle three strollers at the same time, like

Footage of locusts in Africa in the series `Planet Earth II`.

The `heroes` behind nature documentaries


Her sharing revealed to the audience some of the challenges of this job, when the studio is wild nature, your characters can be cute penguins, but they can also be family members.

Furthermore, in recent years, the budget for this type of documentary film has become increasingly tight.

The `heroes` behind nature documentaries

Documentary cameraman Sophie Darlington.

The `heroes` behind nature documentaries

Sophie Lanfear faces danger in “Life Story.”

The `heroes` behind nature documentaries

bringing femininity into a harsh world

However, there are still some advantages for women in this field.

Sharing her opinion, veteran producer and cinematographer Ann Johnson Pump with 25 years in the profession also said that women bring a new approach to this film genre.

The `heroes` behind nature documentaries

Veteran producer and cinematographer Ann Johnson Pump.

Thanks to the presence of women, documentaries about wildlife become softer and evoke more emotions in the audience, and at the same time become more attractive to audiences of all genders, contributing to

Besides, the virtue of patience also helps them accomplish amazing feats.

Whale scene in the famous documentary `Our planet`.

Committing to this challenging profession, they have chosen a narrow path.

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