The truth about Cellulite

The truth about Cellulite 4

ELLE will help you distinguish between the 7 types of cellulite that scientists have identified up to this point.

Diagram of the subcutaneous epidermis and cellulite layer

According to clinical studies, cellulite is not simply a layer of fat that accumulates under the skin.

The simulated skin cut in the picture will help us see more clearly.

Normally, this vascular system will take energy reserves from adipose tissue, and oxidation residues will be eliminated through the lymphatic system.

In addition, lack of movement, unscientific diet, and hormonal changes can also cause weight gain and fat storage, leading to cellulite formation.

Cellulite is very difficult to treat, anyone can get it, so it is necessary to maintain a reasonable diet and nutrition.

Currently, most treatments use creams or gels derived mainly from caffeine, retinol or the antioxidant DMAE.

Classification and care of cellulite types

Each type of cellulite requires different treatment:

1. Cellulite retains water

Due to poor blood circulation and lymphatics, we will feel bloated and heavy, especially before menstruation.

How to care: First, use probiotic bacteria to help balance the digestive and immune system, supplement nutrition, and chew food thoroughly.

Product: Anti-cellulite cream retains water and helps with drainage so that blood circulates and eliminates toxins and lipids.

2. Cellulite due to too much exercise

Common in athletes, concentrated in the thighs and muscles.

How to care: Along with the advice for cellulite that retains water and reduces thigh muscle movement, you should redirect the movement of the abdominal muscles, lower legs, and gastrocnemius muscles.

3. Cellulite due to fat accumulation

Overweight, sedentary, inactive, when palpated the skin is very flabby even though there is no pain, no edema, no bulging feeling.

How to care: Must exercise diligently and use acoustic waves to destroy fat.

The truth about Cellulite

1. Sismodermie instant fat burning gel 2,3. Clarins skin firming products 4,5,6. Yves Rocher green coffee fat burning product set

Use fat-dissolving, infrared A ray irradiation or use sismo gels that act directly on fatty tissue.

Product: Perfect Slim Pro by L’OrĂ©al Paris has a direct effect on fat loss thanks to its draining ingredients, rich in caffeine and ginkgo biloba to help increase arterial circulation.

4. Cellulite due to the evolution of cellulite that retains water and fat

If left untreated, we will see the skin as having small lymph nodes, the legs will feel painful and a lot of white substance will appear on ultrasound.

How to care: Minimize foods rich in sugar, chocolate, and cakes that can cause rapid aging.

Product: Biotherm Celluli Laser with Corallina Officinalis seaweed extract from the Atlantic coast and caffeine essence has the ability to create a barrier to prevent the formation of fat deposits.

5. Cellulite due to old age

Usually appears in women around 60 years old who are slim.

How to care: Use anti-aging products with strong active ingredients from algae to regain firmness.

Product: Roc Retinol Anticellulite Intensive (contains pure, highly active vitamin A) helps smooth skin quickly, prevents fat storage, regenerates collagen, and stimulates blood circulation.

6. Steatoma, also known as fat

Fat cells are concentrated too much in the dermis, however this is a benign disease.

7. Lipedema

A special form of cellulite found only in women, fat accumulates in the legs.

How to care: LED phototherapy, presso therapy, light therapy, using algae products.

Each type of cellulite has a treatment ranging from simple use of anti-cellulite cream or gel to more complex treatment requiring medical treatment.

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