The unmissable benefits of `Go Green` makeup

The unmissable benefits of `Go Green` makeup 4

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a girl can’t miss this trending makeup trend!

Safe for the most sensitive skin

With products extracted entirely from benign nature, `Go Green` makeup brings a high safety index, causing few side effects.

If you are having skin problems such as sensitive skin, easily irritated skin or you simply want to find a safe product, natural cosmetics will be the perfect choice.

CC Cream 4in1 natural makeup powder from Thalissi, Spain scores points for its high safety index for delicate skin.

Sustainable beauty from the inside

Although they do not bring fast, immediate results like products made from chemicals, natural cosmetics score points because of the sustainable effectiveness they bring.

In addition, major cosmetic companies are always interested in combining nature and science to find the most effective methods of extracting and using ingredients.

The unmissable benefits of `Go Green` makeup

Thanks to modern technology, pure 24K gold is prepared in an ultra-fine nano form, penetrating deeply into the skin, helping the skin firm and resist the aging process.

Trendy beauty trends

Never before has `Go Green` had such a strong appeal.

Leading the trend of `Green Living – Clean Cosmetics`, Thalissi brand (Spain) has diligently researched for more than 45 years to extract the essence of heaven and earth into beauty products.

The unmissable benefits of `Go Green` makeup

Miraculous rejuvenation secret from skin cream extracted from saffron pistil – an expensive red gold from nature

Careful and meticulous, Thalissi does not directly import raw materials but hand-selects them to thoroughly control cosmetic ingredients.

The unmissable benefits of `Go Green` makeup

Make up `Go Green` with Thalissi at the high-end cosmetics and functional foods showroom chain H&H (Healthy & Happy).

The first H&H (Healthy& Happy) showroom at 03 Hang Khay, Hanoi

Special: Welcome Christmas and New Year with extremely attractive promotions, up to 20% when purchasing from 4 products, in addition, receive 01 valuable mini sample kit when purchasing invoices from 3,000,000 VND, starting

First showroom address: No. 3 Hang Khay, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.



Hotline: 0907065858/ 04 71066669

The unmissable benefits of `Go Green` makeup

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