Female fashion warriors realize sustainable values

Female fashion warriors realize sustainable values 3

Marine Serre

Known for her sportswear, Muslim-style outfits, and combination of cultural influences and conventions, 26-year-old designer Marine Serre is highly appreciated by critics.

In 2017, Marine Serre’s `Radical Call for Love` collection won the LVMH Prize.

Since its debut at Paris Fashion Week Fall – Winter 2018, Marine Serre has presented collections with technologically advanced designs combined with anti-pollution masks.

Vivienne Westwood

The name of veteran British designer Vivienne Westwood has been associated with sustainability and climate change for more than 10 years, even before the issue of sustainability was talked about on every media channel around the world.

“Buy less, choose better, use it all” is her most famous quote related to sustainable fashion.

Female fashion warriors realize sustainable values

As a strong fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood built her brand into one of the independent high-end fashion houses.

Vivienne Westwood has worked with traditional British textile houses as a way of contributing to the preservation of craft and heritage.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is known more as a pioneer in the field of sustainable fashion than as the daughter of the legendary band member The Beatles.

Female fashion warriors realize sustainable values

The Stella McCartney brand’s ongoing commitment is that the products do not use materials derived from animals such as leather, fur, feathers… Instead, the designer promotes the use of innovative, environmentally friendly materials.

Stella McCartney’s vision of sustainable fashion also means that all members of the fashion chain will benefit positively.

Gabriela Hearst

In 2015, Uruguayan-American designer Gabriela Hearst launched her first collection with the main value of long-term and sustainable.

Accordingly, U50 rural women produced handwoven items for Gabriela Hearst.

Female fashion warriors realize sustainable values

Gabriela Hearst introduced TIPA flexible packaging – an Israeli company, based on biotechnology that can be completely decomposed in 6 months, replacing traditional plastic packaging.

In April 2018, on Earth Day, Gabriela pledged to reduce non-recyclable plastic and replace it with compostable packaging.

The Spring – Summer 2020 collection in New York was introduced in the first carbon reduction show.

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