Thuy Huong vs.

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Thuy Huong: Ha Dang, we are gradually approaching the age that the old people called `about to settle down`.

She was once `shocked` and indignant at why women had to follow that schedule and why they didn’t live according to their wishes.

Ha Dang: I also don’t like to be pressured by a timeline, I want to do everything not for the reason `everyone at my age does it like that`.

While going to school, I still work and experience life in my own way. Young girls often only plan their lives until the age of 30, but what happens after that? We still have to live and enjoy life.

Thuy Huong: So has your mother ever influenced your life choices?

Ha Dang: My mother often corrects me on small things like why I go to school so late, why I don’t cook, but deep down, she has a quite modern way of thinking.

Thuy Huong vs.

Thuy Huong: I almost gave up that idea, because I thought I was an only child and not too young to go to school far from home.

Ha Dang: Not really.

Thuy Huong: I’ve heard many married girlfriends complain that their mothers-in-law always blame them for the fact that modern brides-in-law have less endurance than ancient ones.

Thuy Huong vs.

Ha Dang: I don’t think that modern women’s endurance is less than that of previous generations of grandmothers and mothers.

Meanwhile, in terms of physical condition, we are completely inferior to men.

Thuy Huong: According to me, we women should be aware that happiness is knowing enough, from there she will know how she should sacrifice.

Ha Dang: Women should be the ones to ask themselves first what happiness they have to sacrifice for it to be worth it.

Thuy Huong vs.

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