Tran Thanh – Emotions are like boxes

Tran Thanh – Emotions are like boxes 0

Tran Thanh talked a lot, so much that without being asked, he quickly jumped to another topic.

Despite switching to many different jobs, does the MC role still seem to be the most suitable position for you?

Maybe because I appear as an MC a lot so people are more familiar with me, but I don’t recognize myself as a singer, I just sing for fun, but I know, I should be an `MC who can sing` rather than a singer.

When working as an MC, I had a lot of luck and naturally received many big and suitable programs, so now, more or less, I have left a mark in the hearts of the audience.

And `The Perfect Couple` also helped you discover many hidden `energy`?


If someone said you were greedy and took on too many tasks so that everything was similar and boring, how would you feel?

I am progressive, not greedy.

Are you always in a talkative state?

I once took a test and I was classified as an inspirational person who lives by emotionalism.

How are the people around you inspired?

I don’t know, but when I met my girlfriend, I was the one who brought joy to her whole family.

Perhaps, inspiration is also the criterion that people often choose you for the MC position?

Happiness is my criterion, I like to bring smiles to people.

I listen to Jazz and Ballad music, but I have to be sad. The sadder I am, the more I like to listen to it.

`Crucifying` Tran Thanh with the nickname `funny man`, of course few people saw Tran Thanh’s sad moments?

They just don’t see it.

When you’re sad, what do you usually do?

I went shopping, I just looked, the things were so expensive I didn’t dare buy them.

But sometimes you have to `laugh in sadness` right?

I probably laugh sarcastically at life, looking at some sad scene, but that smile can express all my emotions.

He talked so much that it made me dizzy.

(Laughs) I think, even if I’m 70 years old, I’ll still have plenty of energy.

Recently, photos of him with his girlfriend appeared online…

I won’t tell this story.

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