Uyen Linh – I don’t consider love as the whole source of life

Uyen Linh – I don't consider love as the whole source of life 0


When we talked, Vietnam Idol had passed its final match.

Linh thinks, it is not correct to say `everyone hopes that the miracle of Uyen Linh will be repeated`.

How do you view Linh’s Vietnam Idol feat 2 years ago?

I don’t consider it a `miracle`.

Perhaps me, Linh and everyone will have to admit: There will never be a `Uyen Linh Cataclysm` again in your career?

Uyen Linh has only had 2 years for her so-called `career`.

Tall trees shake in the wind.

I look around at my brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues, I also see that.

What has Linh been up to in the past two years?

Experiences can be mentioned, applied, and applied in certain situations.

This is the best time to talk about pressure.

The pressure for this `superficial` profession is constant and the younger you are, the easier it is to encounter.

Recently, I burst out laughing when I read an article that said it was inappropriate for you to be `Forbearing` all this time, while before that the virtual public opinion was just hoping for you to `Bung` to be satisfied.

“Forbearance” – it probably takes a lifetime to learn, but it also depends on the person’s personality.

So now if anyone asks what your `experience in fighting gossip` is, Linh can share it with everyone!

Minh, can you change it to `experience living with gossip`?

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