You will be rich if you have lines like this

You will be rich if you have lines like this 1

There are three main types of palm lines that appear on the human palm that can represent your success and wealth: They are the first, M-shaped, and 3-branched palm lines.

Photo: lyso, Tinhhoa, YouTube

Most normal people’s palms will have 3 lines.

Lines shaped like a letter are especially when the emotional and intellectual lines merge into one and this type of line only appears in 1.5% of the population.

You will be rich if you have lines like this

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is the person with the most literate hands.

The 3-branched palm line is a palm line shaped like a tree branch radiating out into 3 lines and all 3 branches cross the emotional line.

You will be rich if you have lines like this

US President Donald Trump has a special three-branched palm line.

When there is a line that cuts across the emotional line and the intellectual line, your palm will become an M shape. The letter M is created from 3 lines: the life line, the mind line and the heart line.

You will be rich if you have lines like this

Former US President Obama has a clear M-shaped palm.

Of course, having `golden` lines on your hands will mean nothing if you don’t try and strive.

Here are some famous celebrities who have proven that a person’s palm lines can say a lot about that person.

1. Actress Tang Duy

You will be rich if you have lines like this

Photo: Koreaboo

Tang Duy has the best handwriting.

2. KARD’s Somin

You will be rich if you have lines like this

Photo: Pinterest

The hand of KARD’s vocalist is shaped like the letter M. It can be believed that the group’s career will continue to flourish in the near future.

3. J-Hope of BTS

Photo: Jmiracle613

BTS members publicly displayed their hands in a magazine and fans noticed rapper J-Hope’s M line.

4. Yang Hyun Suk (YG)

Photo: Popcornfor2

President Yang Hyun Suk is known as the owner of a three-branched palm.

5. BTS’s Jungkook

Photo: Jmiracle613

BTS’s main singer Jungkook has the most shaped hands.

6. Irene of Red Velvet

Photo: Twitter

The new generation goddess Irene of the girl group Red Velvet has M-shaped palms. She is truly lucky to not only possess flawless beauty but also to debut in a `cool` entertainment company.


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7. APINK’s Eunji

Photo: Turtle King

Apink’s multi-talented voice also has M-shaped lines on her palms. Not only is Eunji lucky to have a good voice, she also proves her acting ability is `not average` for a cross-field idol.

8. Chairman of Samsung Group – Lee Kun Hee

Photo: iClarified

This president is among the few people who own three-branched hands and everyone knows he runs one of the largest technology companies in the world.

9. Founder of Hyundai Chung Ju Yung

Photo: Wikipedia

The founder of Hyundai has the most shaped palm.

10. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Photo: Koreaboo

The golden voice of Kpop – Taeyeon also has M-shaped hands and we all know how great the SM singer’s career is.

11. Kim Thanh Vu – male actor with Japanese and Taiwanese bloodlines

Actor Kim Thanh Vu is also known as Kaneshiro Takeshi.

Actor and singer Kim Thanh Vu, who has the best handwriting, is considered the `four little heavenly kings` famous throughout Taiwan.

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