3 weight loss exercises to help burn energy

3 weight loss exercises to help burn energy 3

But not everyone loves the boring hours of jogging, so try other cardio exercises that have better results.

Cycling indoors

In dozens of medical studies that have been conducted to study the benefits of indoor cycling, experts found that the average cyclist can increase their heart rate by up to 80%.

Indoor cycling is an extremely effective weight loss exercise that helps burn fat

Indoor cycling forces you to use the largest muscle groups in your body: glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, and lower abdominal muscles.

High-intensity interval training HIIT

HIIT is a method of high-intensity interval cardio, in which periods of low-intensity exercise are interspersed with periods of high-intensity exercise.

3 weight loss exercises to help burn energy

HIIT is the most effective and time-saving fat burning workout method

You can flexibly combine many exercises in HIIT that affect all muscle groups in the body, for example: push-ups, squats, jumping on the spot, crunches… each exercise lasts about 1 minute and changes.

Indoor rowing

Why can rowing help you lose weight?

3 weight loss exercises to help burn energy

Each hour of rowing helps you burn 500-600 calories

Regarding exercise intensity, you can practice 3-5 days/week, about 30 minutes each time is enough.

Start your exercise plan now to achieve the health and slim body you want!

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