4 common mistakes when beautifying

4 common mistakes when beautifying 2

1. Wash your face regularly

In many office buildings, every lunch break you will see no less than 3 girls washing their faces with facial cleanser.

Washing your face frequently is not good for beauty

2. Don’t wear makeup because you’re afraid your skin will be clogged

Many girls share that they rarely wear makeup because they are afraid that foundation and pink powder will clog pores.

4 common mistakes when beautifying

Pores only become clogged when you remove makeup and cleanse ineffectively.

3. Blue eyeshadow

I remember when I was a child, any bride or someone who went to a makeup salon would have turquoise or sky blue eyes, blush and pink lipstick.

4 common mistakes when beautifying

Lancome eyeshadow

4. Choose foundation that is too white

Perhaps stemming from the desire to have bright white skin, or due to not enough options for foundation tones, many girls often appear with foundation that is thick, flat, and especially whiter than their real skin color.

4 common mistakes when beautifying

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