41 self-improvement methods you can do

41 self-improvement methods you can do 2

We don’t have to be a perfect person, nor can we ever be a perfect person.


Learning, developing and perfecting oneself is what modern women should do every day

Below are 41 easy-to-implement suggestions that you can refer to if you want to improve yourself:

1. Read a new book every day, or at least create and maintain the habit of reading a few chapters.

2. Read at least one article about personal development every day.

3. Choose to learn a new language after your mother tongue and English, this is a good way for you to understand more about a new culture as well as many other skills.

4. Choose to take an interesting course such as baking, flower arranging, basic makeup, etc.

5. Create & nurture new good habits, such as jogging every morning…

6. Decorate your private room to be a place not only for relaxation but also a place to inspire creativity.


41 self-improvement methods you can do

Improving ourselves helps us access many new opportunities

7. Practice overcoming all fears, uncertainties, and obstacles in life.

8. Upgrade the skills you have by observing, learning and practicing more.

9. Create a habit of waking up early every morning.

10. Create a habit of regular exercise, as this is good for health & sanity.

11. Write your life goals and to-dos in a notebook.

12. Set goals that challenge yourself.


41 self-improvement methods you can do

Modern women always look forward and always find positive points in life

13. Set a 30-day goal.

14. Don’t be afraid to create challenges and compete with someone to complete them.

15. Write a letter to yourself, clearly stating the wishes you want and must achieve in the future.

16. Boldly step out of your own `comfort zone`.

17. Learn about your own shortcomings that you have not realized before.

18. Admit your shortcomings, mistakes, and other weaknesses.


41 self-improvement methods you can do

There are no perfect women, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to improve yourself

19. Seek answers and feedback for your work results.

20. If you intend to do something, don’t wait but take action.

21. Learn good things from your idols, people who bring you a lot of inspiration.

22. Or you can also learn good qualities from everyone you come into contact with.

23. Make friends with people who are good in their field

24. Determined to leave bad habits.


41 self-improvement methods you can do

Self-improvement helps women live more optimistically

25. Stay away from bad friends and unhealthy lifestyle.

26. Learn how to deal with complex situations.

27. Learn how to communicate with difficult people.

28. Learn how to communicate in public.

29. Learn how to take notes and write down your feelings, opinions, or other useful knowledge like a journalist.

30. Share your opinions with those around you to get advice or give advice.

31. Visit a master to study, find a teacher when you urgently need someone to show you the way.

32. Reduce time spent chatting about useless things.


41 self-improvement methods you can do

We need to improve ourselves to become confident girls

33. Learn to play chess or games that require intelligence or brainstorming.

34. Don’t watch too much TV.

35. Take time and space to think and contemplate the past.

36. Forget the past to focus on the present and future.

37. Practice making a business plan for yourself.

38. Be kind to those around you.

39. Learn how to forgive, be friendly with people you don’t like or who don’t like you, this will help you have a forgiving heart.

40. Give yourself enough time to relax and regain your energy.

41. Be strict in implementing the goals you have set.

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