“Double Joy” – Results of week 3 (November 3 – November 10)

“Double Joy” – Results of week 3 (November 3 – November 10) 0

1. Tran Ngoc Quynh Nhu

To: Sister

Gift: BB Cushion whitening foundation

With message:

“Miss Huong.

2. Nguyen Thi Thoa

To: High school teacher

Gift: Moisturizing whitening cream

With message:

`How many years her students have grown up, how many gray hairs she has, how deep her wrinkles have been, I don’t know anymore, but there is one thing I know that even after all these years, she is still dedicated to teaching.`

3. Nguyen Vu Mai Anh

To: Sister

Gift: Eye care essence

With message:

“Having had two consecutive surgeries in just two months, once facing the risk of losing my eyesight, my Chi seems to be very tired.

4. Nguyen Anh Duc

Send Mother

Gift: Brightening skin whitening foundation

With message:

`The most difficult sentence is neither sorry nor `I love you` but the most difficult sentence is `I love you and mom`, of course it’s even more difficult when I’m a boy.

5. Quang Thi Thu Huong

To: Colleague

Gift: Skin whitening essence

With message:

`You and I are both marketing staff, so every day we have to travel around every corner to introduce products. We keep exposing our faces to the sun and the wind, so we never have a lover.

Congratulations to these 5 lucky readers.

(Refer to the list of stores at: http://www.laneige.com.vn/vi/services/storelocator)

We sincerely thank you for participating in the program and hope you will be happy with the meaningful gift you receive.

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