ELLE Introduction: Long story Basically sad – Nguyen Ngoc Thuan

ELLE Introduction: Long story Basically sad - Nguyen Ngoc Thuan 0

The character throughout the work is

In the pages of Nguyen Ngoc Thuan’s book, we encounter post-war issues that are still painful in the media: separated families, victims of toxic chemicals, love affairs.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan did not try to create a tragic story, he just told it with a steady rhythm, the meetings and dialogues of the characters.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan’s character description is also moderate and simple.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan’s sentences are concise, without extra words just to create any color.


Why do the important characters in your book Basically Sad all have letter names?

The name often prompts the reader to speculate about `something`, while the identity of each person in this book is looking for answers about themselves, so in my opinion, the more they identify, the more wrong they are.

He returned to the topic of an abandoned child during the war, a topic that seems old at this time, why?

That’s right.

Through the character of John and his wife, how do you want to express the image of America as an individual?

I do not imagine America as `right or evil`, but America has `breathed a breath` into Americans like John, creating John’s fate.

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