Ellewiki: Hippie fashion style

Ellewiki: Hippie fashion style 2

Not just the name of a fashion style, hippy or hippie is also the name of a cultural trend that originated in America, then spread throughout the West in the mid-1960s.

A part of the youth of that day became dissatisfied with contemporary social conventions, with the middle class being dominated by material and ideological oppression.

Young people participate in protests against the war

It was a completely new cultural flow during that period.

That unbound and rebellious ideology strongly influenced the way hippies dressed.

Men have bushy beards, like to grow their hair long and let it loose naturally, wear sandals and flat beads like women.

Ellewiki: Hippie fashion style

A hippie community

Ellewiki: Hippie fashion style

Hippies participate in the festival

Hippie fashion is expressed through fabric collage designs, hand-embroidered art, flared jeans, maxi skirts, peasant dresses (tapered at the chest and gradually flared out from the bust), things made from blue denim, fabric

Popular accessories are thin beads, headbands, paisley-print scarves, granny glasses (with small rectangular or round frames), Indian, Mexican or Moroccan silver jewelry, necklaces with

Ellewiki: Hippie fashion style

Fingers make a V sign as a symbol of peace

Ellewiki: Hippie fashion style

Hippie outfits and accessories

Today, hippie fashion has almost no distinction from bohemian and gypsy fashion.

Let’s admire the designs inspired by hippie style in the Spring Summer 2014 collections:

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