Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt 0

A simple, well-tailored shirt always helps a man become especially attractive.


During the 19th century until World War I, formal shirts with rather rigid detachable collars were the subject of lament among fashion writers at that time.

After serving in the war, men became indifferent to restrictive civilian clothes.

According to the cycle of fashion, many shirt styles continue to rise and become outdated, from the buttondown collar, the tab collar, the pinned collar to the Barrymore collar… The peak is the

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

Shirt with button-down collar

The sports polo shirt (Polo shirt) was introduced in the early 1930s, featuring an open neck, short sleeves, and outer buttons, and was once a `luxurious` shirt style reserved for the super-rich.

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

Sports polo shirt made of cashmere or cotton fabric

Another variation – the fever called T-Shirt has completely changed the concept and way of dressing men.

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

T-shirts bring convenience thanks to cool materials and simple designs

Sweaters were born later and had a strong attraction like a whirlwind.

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

Round neck or turtleneck sweaters are always popular with gentlemen to create a stylish style


Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

The shirt style with a collar buttoned to the chest was once loved by big names in the art and business world.

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

Famous American artist Andy Warhol is one of the biggest fans of Brook Brothers shirts.


Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

Bottom button: Only good shirts have a row of button holes cut vertically and sewn into the body of the shirt, only the bottom hole is horizontal.

Pleated strip on the back: The back of the shirt has a prominent puffed fabric, stretching from the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt, creating width for the back of the shirt.

Hand-stitched shoulders: Only an extremely high-end shirt will have the sleeves hand-stitched to the shoulders so each stripe matches perfectly.

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

Contrast collar: Originating from the white collar designed to coordinate with colorful shirts but still elegant, the contrast collar is now a favorite style among fashion connoisseurs.

Front body of the shirt: The body of the shirt is a strip of fabric in the front of the shirt with a beautiful row of button holes.

Padding fabric: A small piece of fabric sewn to reinforce the bottom of the shirt at the intersection of the front and back flaps.

Buttons: Mother of pearl buttons are only available on high-end shirts.


Cuff; wristband

Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

From left to right:

One-button style: Practical, modern and does not require cufflinks, basic one-button style is suitable for the office and not too formal places.

V-shaped two-button style: The fabric is slanted, the long cuffs are formal and French, suitable for combining with European clothes;

Two-button flip style: Stylish, trendy and convenient, two-button flip-flops are less popular but are on the rise.

French style: With about 1cm of two layers of cuffs tucked under the sleeves of the jacket, the French button gives the most elegant and formal look, especially when fitted with silk knots or silver cufflinks.


Ellewiki – The Rebirth of the Shirt

From left to right:

Button-down collar: Best when buttoned, the button-down collar style is suitable for casual and informal style.

Medium Spread Collar: Easy to combine with all types of suits and many ways to tie a tie.

Two-button collar: Wide, beautiful and tall when worn, suitable for tall and thin people.

Straight-point neck: The most classic, suitable for all ages and neck shapes, especially suitable for round faces and slightly short necks;

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