Life motto: On Facebook, you need to look closely

Life motto: On Facebook, you need to look closely 0

How to use social networks correctly?

Life motto: On Facebook, you need to look closely

Famous American writer, Jay Asher, posted on his Facebook the image of a father being strict with his child and asking: `Do you know what you did wrong?`

Not long ago, a girl posted on Facebook the story of being chased by a man who threatened to kidnap her for her organs.

We are like a bunch of children, crying – laughing – happy – angry in just a few seconds.

“Look at life with two eyes” – That is a living motto.

Life motto: On Facebook, you need to look closely

Tips for living

Fish climbing a tree – Test and life message

People with bad intentions or attention seeking can easily take advantage of your `subjectivity`.

Why would those people want to do that?

There are many reasons: Maybe they want to sell a certain product (leaves that cure all diseases, skin whitening cream…), maybe they want to manipulate and laugh at the crowd, maybe they want to be famous… However

So, when you read anything that seems startling on social media, you should stop for a few seconds and ask yourself whether it makes sense or not.

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