Emma – A beautiful picture of feminism

Emma – A beautiful picture of feminism 4

During her short life, Jane Austen wrote seven novels, all of which have become familiar to readers around the world, especially Sense and Sensibility and

The quintessence of Highbury village

The film revolves around the life of Emma Woodhouse, a beautiful girl who has just entered her 20s but has taken on the task of a cabinet minister looking after the wealthy estate because her mother soon passed away and her sister got married.

Following the story’s progression, people can easily see the growth process of Emma, a young woman who seems to have everything: money, beauty, intelligence.

Although Emma is the star of Highbury village, that is also her limit.

Unlike the female role models of her time, Emma is proactive in finding a path for her life.

Emma – A beautiful picture of feminism

and in cinema

To portray a feminist woman with such innocence, the filmmakers went to great lengths to create an anachronistic portrait of Emma.

Emma’s appearance is also different from the female characters around her in the film.

Emma – A beautiful picture of feminism

On one hand, Emma is the inner portrait of Jane Austen – an educated, strong and determined girl who lives freely and independently.

The filmmakers turned her buried dreams into reality.

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