Half love

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Half love

My beloved half!

On the road of life, meeting each other is a fate, staying together is a debt.

On the contrary, I keep all the beautiful pieces of my memories to myself.

Remembering his first love during his student days, he often smiled and showed off his sparkling white teeth.

Half love


Find out the mood when falling in love

Maybe other girls also like sweets like me, because `a boy’s eyes, a girl’s ears`.

But many girls will pout: `Why do you still expect such lip service?`

I still keep the letter my first husband sent to Russia when he heard I was pregnant: “These days I feel like I have more responsibility, not only to my parents but also to you and the child.”

Half love

Tips for living

Overcome feelings of jealousy in love

Many women complain about the bad habits of Vietnamese men, and philosophize that they do not have a culture of loving women.

Our country’s society is purely Asian, and there is still a style of education that favors men over women, causing many men to become patriarchal, selfish and irresponsible.

Just like me, I’m not good at it.

Many times, the aroma in the kitchen, a new tree growing in the garden, or a trip reminds us of a man who has passed through our lives.

Half love


Western men and Vietnamese men in love

As the other loving half, they also seek, love and ache.

Even though they seem to be luckier and have more hope in their quest for happiness, they are also hurt and despaired many times.

-“When there is only half of a relationship, the incompleteness of both men and women is inevitable.”-

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