Mascara story

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The “life” of mascara

Until now, the origin of the word `mascara` is still a subject of debate, but there are many explanations that mascara comes from the word `mascare` which means blackening, or the word `masca` which means mask.

The word mascara began to be used in English in the 19th century to describe the process of darkening eyelashes to make the eyes appear larger and sexier.

Perfumer Eugene Rimmel invented cake mascara in the late 19th century. This type of mascara is a square cake consisting of soap mixed with polish, and must be applied with a wet brush to the eyelashes, even

In addition, people often mention a special story that led to the invention of mascara by an American family.

This invention not only helped Williams’ sister win her love, but was also the beginning of a famous cosmetics brand: Maybelline, which was combined from her sister Maybel’s name with Vaseline.

Mascara – Choose the right type, apply properly

You will easily find all kinds of mascara products on sale: eyelash extensions, making eyelashes look thicker, curling eyelashes, multi-functional and non-clumping, waterproof mascara… With so many types of mascara like that

Mascara today is invested in research and becomes much more wonderful than before.

Eyelash extension mascara often has thick bristles to help get more mascara onto the eyelashes.

Curling mascara helps curl the lashes when brushed.

Waterproof mascara is made up of synthetic substances that help resist moisture-causing agents, preventing the mascara layer from running when exposed to water.

Mascara story

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