Men’s confidences: Our wishes

Men's confidences: Our wishes 5

A recent survey with the participation of 2,000 men surrounding the topic of `perfect lover` will help women understand more about men’s feelings that they do not like to talk about but are extremely interested in and desire.

Let’s join ELLE to find out what their thoughts are.

1. Laugh with us

According to surveys, only 12% of men consider appearance and body when facing the opposite sex.


Most men consider humor, intelligence and a courteous temperament as a prerequisite for choosing a girlfriend.

In male-female relationships, humor plays three main roles.

2. If you love us, let the whole world know


Men's confidences: Our wishes

A light kiss while walking or a tight fist in the middle of people will also make a man’s heart filled with love.

97% of all the confidants men in the survey received hoped that their girlfriends would express their love in public.

3. When our mood is down, kiss us


Men's confidences: Our wishes

There are times when men are willing to accept help from their other half without seeing any damage to their dignity.

When facing difficulties or low mood, 67% of men do not want to see their other half’s tears, whether they are sympathy or agreement.

When we are sick, bring us a bowl of hot porridge.

4. Compliment us sincerely

Don’t assume that only women care about compliments from their other half.

5. Leave a good impression on our friends


Men's confidences: Our wishes

We hope you can openly and cheerfully greet everyone.

When they are lovers or married, men will inevitably have gatherings with friends at home.

6. Let us know your friends


Men's confidences: Our wishes

Please introduce us to your friends, especially men.

We admit that we also have jealousy, even very strong, and at the same time we also hate the type of women who pretend to be noble.

However, you should also be generous and introduce us to your friends, especially men, knowing them can help us reduce a lot of unnecessary doubts.

7. Restores our mood


Men's confidences: Our wishes

For us, it’s enough if you listen to us talk about suffering, you don’t need to help us solve the problem.

Men are not naturally `immune` to moods, we are just good at hiding them.

If after confiding, our mood still does not improve, please help us redirect our attention, help us temporarily forget the trouble.

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