Pianist Van Anh: To keep classical music alive

Pianist Van Anh: To keep classical music alive 0

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Growing up in a family with a musical tradition, did Van Anh feel any pressure?

Honestly, I grew up surrounded by music, so becoming someone who is attached to music comes naturally to me.

So what about your practice?

My training method is simple – quality over quantity.

You’re famous for your music, but when I went to your Facebook, I saw that you were studying communications at university.

Actually, I like to pursue many different professions. I dream of being a florist, an actor, a ballerina, and a fashion designer.

Having put those interests aside, Van Anh is now a pianist, producer, composer and also a writer.

It’s a constant battle for balance, especially when you’re on the road nearly nine months out of the year.

Pianist Van Anh: To keep classical music alive

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But do you ever worry that today’s young listeners no longer want to go to classical music performances?

That is the most important part of what I do and what motivates me to continue my work – making classical music performances more attractive to the younger generation and ensuring that classical music

So what is Van Anh’s advice for those just starting to learn to play the piano?

Listening and observing are great tools for personal development.

I saw that Van Anh participated in performing at some charity shows, can you tell us more about those shows?

I strongly support two charities, Heart Reach Australia and One Body Village.

In Vietnam, classical music is not of much interest to many people. Have you ever thought about coming back here, opening a music school and changing that?

I ran a music school in Sydney for 5 years and was forced to close it because of the busy schedule of performances and travel.

Pianist Van Anh: To keep classical music alive

Vo Cong Khanh Dress, Stylist’s Accessories

It seems like work and plans have taken up Van Anh’s time, so how is your daily life going?

Every day for me is a difference.

Do you have any upcoming shows in Vietnam?

I am working with the Ho Chi Minh City Opera and Symphony Theater to plan a performance for August or December this year.

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