4 catalysts of happiness

4 catalysts of happiness 1

1. Faith catalyst

People can only be happy when they live in a group and feel like they belong there.

To increase your trust and make your life happier, you should:

– Be a trustworthy person: For people who always trust you, you will naturally trust them more.

– Put your trust in a safe place: Pets are a safe choice, if you fear your trust will be betrayed.

– Touch: Touches such as holding hands and gently stroking can help your relationship with those around you become closer and trust will also increase.

– Try new opportunities: Besides living in a safe circle of close people, you also need to allow your beliefs to be tested a few opportunities with strangers.

2. Excitement catalyst

4 catalysts of happiness

Excitement will stimulate the body’s natural pain relief ability, so if you can consume a sufficient amount of this catalyst, your emotions will also improve significantly.

To get enough excitement catalyst, you need:

– Smile: A cheerful smile can help awaken your inner positive emotions, even a full-blown smile (which makes you feel pain in your facial muscles) will help dispel all worries.

– Cry: Holding back tears can make you feel more stressed, so when you feel the need, just let yourself cry.

– Exercise: It is necessary to rotate the above states so that the body feels like it receives a series of new activities, so that the excitement catalyst that helps reduce pain will appear in the most perfect way.

– Stretch: Stretching helps increase circulation and you will feel more refreshed, so try a yoga class to feel the magic you never thought you could do.

3. Target catalyst

4 catalysts of happiness

Goals will help our brains produce energy to achieve what we want.

To enhance this catalyst, you can do the following:

– Take small steps: When you overcome a goal, you will feel more confident about yourself, and your brain will also produce excited emotions praising what you have achieved.

– Self-congratulation: Don’t hesitate to congratulate yourself after even small achievements so that you feel like you have an advantage in that area.

– Gradually upgrade: No matter what your final big goal is, you need to set clear, realistic small goals and gradually upgrade to be sure of success.

– Action: Spend a certain amount of time every day realizing your goals, your brain will produce energy to help you put effort into doing this.

4. Safe catalyst

4 catalysts of happiness

Like all other mammals, humans feel secure and comfortable knowing they are bigger, stronger, and dominant over their opponents.

To promote the production of this safe catalyst, we should:

– Respect the present: No matter where you are and what role you are in, you should find the meaning of it, and enjoy the present rather than endure and wait for it to pass.

– Give up control:  After giving up the habit of controlling, things, no matter how they happen, cannot disappoint you

– Evaluate your influence: Occasionally look back and evaluate your influence on others.

– Pride: Say to yourself: “Look, what I can do!”.

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