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Get off the bus at the dream stop – Mit Dac Blog 0

Traveling for a year is a long time for me.

At home and on the road, many people asked me what I was looking for on this trip.

I am no longer in my twenties where I can `pack my backpack and go` just because I want adventure, or because I am lost and have lost faith.

In Washington, one of the people I stayed with was Mark.

“A very charming type of meeting, that is, as soon as we made eye contact, I understood: that’s it!

Several decades have passed.

Mark deeply regrets that he did not do what he so desperately wanted to do, and could do.

I was luckier than Mark in that I could still catch the bus back to meet my French girl.

But how can we know tomorrow, and we can never arrange it perfectly.

Writing from Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.

*The blog’s images were all taken by Mat Dat during the trip

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